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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good to be here with you. >> speaking of satire -- >> let's throw it to the king. time for cnn newsroom with john berman. >> can't wait to have you back. happy easter to you christopher, great to see you. a lot of bleaking news this morning, let's get right to it. john berman here with breaking news, cleveland police are about to hold a news conference on a manhunt that spans five states. residents of ohio, pennsylvania, new york, indiana, michigan, are being told there's every reason to assume that steve stephens, you're looking at a photo of him right there, is armed and dangerous. this man is believed to have posted a video of a murder on facebook. police say they just got their first credible lead this morning, a cell phone ping from erie, pennsylvania. again you're looking at live pictures from a police news conference. sarah ganan is inside that room covering it there.
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deb feyerick with me in new york. bring us up to speed on this case. >> there is a massive manhunt under way in ohio and pennsylvania. earlier a cell phone may have pinged in erie, pennsylvania, essentially identifying him in that location, and there's a possibility that he may be headed to new york, in order to see relatives, that is according to sources. 37-year-old steve stephens is wanted for allegedly killing a man who was on his way home sunday from an easter lunch with his family. he then posted it on facebook. i think now we are going to the press conference, let's take a listen. >> -- investigation the facebook shooter speaking this morning will be mayor frank jackson, chief calvin williams, special agent in charge of the cleveland office of the fbi, steven anthony and u.s. marshal pete elliott. mayor? >> i wanted to start off by again giving our condolence of me personally and the city to the godwin family. i spoke with a daughter last
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night, and she is very appreciative of the efforts as we attempt to bring closure and justice to the death of her father. there is a lot of confusion, and what we want to encourage people to do is not to make up things as they go along, that we will be giving briefings in a way that will keep you updated and give you the facts as we know it. we have a partnership with the fbi, u.s. marshals office, our department and i imagine several other state and county and other municipalities who are working hard and diligently on this matter and want the public to know that we are on it. and that we intend to pursue it to its conclusion.
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i'll introduce the chief who will then give you some facts and turn it over to our federal partners. >> good morning. we've been on this since it happened yesterday afternoon, at 2:00 p.m. you some of our partners are here, mr. anthony with the fbi, pete elliott our u.s. marshal for the northern district, and we've conducted operations again unceasingly since this happened yesterday. last night officers searched dozens of locations, based on leads, based on investigative information from our team out there, that they've uncovered to no avail. we know that steve is still out there someplace. we don't know his condition and of course right now we don't know his location. we're asking the public to remain vigilant. we're asking you to go about your day but to be careful. we're also asking you if you see
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anything resembling that vehicle, you have the description of steve stephens to give us a call, call 911. mr. anthony will talk about the fbi's tip line also in this investigation. we want people to know that a lot of the things that are streaming out there, be it on social media of any kind, if you really need information on what's going on, give us a call or if you have information give us a call. we don't want people to panic. so far unfortunately there's been one fatality, one homicide in this entire scenario. we want to keep it that way. we're still asking steve to turn himself in, but if he doesn't, we'll find him. we have our federal partners here. we have our state and local county partners, and we're not going to stop until he's in custody. so with that, i'm going to bring up steve anthony with the cleveland office of the fbi.
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>> thanks, chief. chief williams and the cleveland division of police that all federal, state and local partners are working side by side to do everything humanly possible to find mr. stephens. as the chief mention ed mention is dangerous and he could be nearby, he could be far away, anywhere in between. if anyone has any information that's out there as far as seeing him, seeing his vehicle, when in doubt, obviously call 911. we also have the availability of an fbi call number, 1-800-call-fbi. so that's a national tip line that is set up that anyone throughout the country could call in if they have any reason to believe they see anything related to mr. stephens to call that number, and the information will get to all the appropriate authorities that are again working this case side by side in a very organized and coordinated matter.
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we're going to have information on bill boards with his picture, his description and vehicle to plead with the public if they see something, obviously say something and make that call either to 911 or call fbi, as the chief and the mayor said so clearly, i mean, the goal here obviously i'm going to turn it over to marshal elliott is to find mr. stephens before any other crimes are committed. we need to take this individual off the street. you all know that, and again, rest assured that we're using any and all resources to work this not just in the cleveland area, but throughout the united states to again locate this individual as soon as possible.
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with that i'll turn it over to marshal elliott. >> i'll be brief. i just want to thank everybody for that partnership. seems like yesterday, a couple months ago we were doing the same thing here on a different case. the chief called last night and asked to us come in and assist on this warrant. we're going to be in tandem with the fbi and cleveland police and all our agencies across america. we're going to make this individual's world very, very, very small, so i'm very optimistic. i think things are going to happen, and i believe things are going to happen pretty quickly. >> before we start taking questions i neglected to put this information out there. if there's somebody who is helping steve or think you're helping steve you're really not. you're going to get yourself in trouble, along with him. the only way for you to help him is to give us the information, to bring him in safely,
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peacefully, so if you are a friend or family member and you have contact with steve, and you think you're helping him, the only way to help him is to give us the information or talk to him and convince him into turning himself in. with that we'll take some questions. >> inaudible question ] >> there are several go fund me accounts set up not by the family so they're asking people not to contribute to any go fund me or any memorial or any account right now in mr. godwin's name. the family will make an announcement later on today on how they want that to work. please do not contribute to that account. >> as far as you know the
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location, any cell phone pinging and hearing it? >> as far as we know right now, we don't know where he's at. the last location we had him at was at the homicide at 93rd street, just north of st. claire. anything else is kind of speculation. again, we have an investigation going on all over the country trying to pinpoint his actual location. >> did the suspect have a record, was he known to the police? >> he had no per se criminal record. he did have a lot of motor vehicle violations, traffic violations, but no criminal record to speak of. >> what about his girlfriend, he was apparently talking about her. >> we don't know if she's a girlfriend or not but there are several people in this investigation that we've talked about, including the female that was mentioned and they've all cooperated so far. >> where is she? >> we can't tell you where she's at but she's safe. >> did you guys make contact with mr. stephens since he's
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been on the run? >> early in this investigation, we did have direct contact with him, direct contact with our detectives. they tried to of course convince him to turn himself in and of course that hasn't happened to date so again, we're asking the public's help in finding this guy. we know he's out there someplace. we talked to him via cell phone. [ inaudible question ]. >> no, i haven't talked to detectives to that extent about his mind-set. obviously he's got deep, deep issues, and whether he was calm or not he committed a heinous crime in the city and we want him off the streets as soon as possible. >> how is his family reacting? are they helping you at all? >> we've talked to the family. we haven't had anybody try to obstruct us in this investigation so far and that's why i want to make sure people understand to aid a felon is a
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felony crime. >> chief, what have police done to check out the claims that he made that they were underpublicized? >> you've been watching a news conference from cleveland with the cleveland police, the fbi, and u.s. marshal service. the headline from this news conference is steve stephens, the suspected killer you see there on your screen on the left officials say he is armed and dangerous, and could be a lot of places. i want to bring in cnn law enforcement analyst, cedric alexander along with deb feyerick. cedric thank you for being with us. i think this news conference wasn't as much for us, the media as for them, law enforcement. they want to get his picture and message out there, we need help. >> well, certainly. the chief there and the mayor certainly providing a great deal of leadership to that community by making sure that they keep that community upindicadated in of what they know as long as it does not jeopardize the investigation they're moving
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forward with. you also see collaboration with the feds and with state and other law enforcement agencies. that is crucially important. one thing that is really important here is the community if they hear and say something it broadens the law enforcement net and puts us working together to find this subject. he needs to be taken off the street as soon as possible >> deb feyerick the message explicit from law enforcement. you may think you're helping him. if you think you are helping him, you are not. you could be in legal jeopardy and putting him in further danger. >> first of all the office where he worked they're closed. he threatened to kill other people. apparently as a social worker as a behavioral center in cleveland. apparently he was angry at a woman he identifies as a girlfriend, they were aparnlly together for three years. police will not say whether this
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is his girl friend. they say she is safe. they don't want to give him access to any individuals he may want to seek retaliation on. there's a massive manhunt under way. he's threatened to kill other people and said that he actually had killed other people but right now there's only that one gentleman, robert goodwin, or godwin, who was on his way home from an easter meal with his family. the family clearly distraught and they were speaking earlier today and they say they just don't know how they're going to live without him. >> cedric this horrifying murder appears to be random, not something you see that often in crimes like this. often people the criminal knows his or her victim. does that make this person more dangerous as he's on the run? >> absolutely makes him dangerous.
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this was clearly just looking at the video there you could see this was clearly a random shooting. it was horrific. this is a very disturbed individual, and an individual as well, too, that i truly believe is just totally detached from any reality, and that is what makes him really, really dangerous, because he clearly has no record for human life whatsoever. >> he is on the run right now. the message from law enforcement, go about your day but be vigilant. not just for cleveland but also the parts of the border of pennsylvania, new york, indiana, mi michigan, he could be anywhere. thanks for being with us. manhunt under way for steve stephens on the run this morning. if you see him or his white ford fusion, authorities want to you call 911. about a quarter past the hour. escalating tensions with north
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korea, cnn has an exclusive interview with the vice president, who says the administration is running out of patience. plus a new job on a new bench? for him at least, the new junior justice of the supreme court, neil gorsuch, takes his seat today. what big cases are on the docket, and what strange responsibilities does he now have? plus so national security might not be at stake here but something hire sure is. easter credibility. you're looking at live pictures from the south lawn of the white house as the first family faces its first easter egg roll and this event not without controversy. we'll hear from the president live soon from the south lawn, coming up. boost. it's about moving forward, not back.
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exclusive, vice president mike pence issued a new warning to the north korean regime. in a visit to the dmz, just hours after a failed north korean missile launch, he warned that this white house may not show the restraint of past administrations. >> we're going to abandon the failed policy of strategic patience, but we're going to redouble our efforts to bring diplomatic and economic. our hope is to resolve this peaceably. >> dana bash is in seoul, south korea. dana? >> reporter: john, it is always tense when anybody visits the dmz here on the korean peninsula, but especially now when the vice president of the united states goes amidst all this saber rattling.
6:21 am
the era of strategic patience is over. >> it was the policy of the united states of america during prior administrations to practice what they called strategic patience and that was to hope to marshal international support to bring an end to the nuclear ambitions and the ballistic missile program of north korea. that clearly has failed, and the advent of nuclear weapons testing, the development of a nuclear program, even this weekend, to see another attempt at a ballistic missile launch, all confirms the fact that strategic patience has failed. >> reporter: what does it mean to end it in practical terms? it's either use military force or find a diplomatic solution that has eluded all of your predecessors. >> i think as the president's made clear that we're abandoning the failed policy of strategic patience but we're going to redouble our efforts to bring economic and diplomatic pressure on north
6:22 am
korea. our hope is that we can resolve this issue peaceably. and i know the president was heartened by i had discussions with president xi. we've seen china begin to take some actions to bring pressure on north korea, but there needs to be more. >> reporter: and you know, this is real for you, that there are estimates that north korea could have a missile ready that could hit the continental u.s., seattle, by 2020, which is going to be on your watch. is that weighing on you and is that a deadline that you all have in mind? >> i know the president of the united states has no higher priority than the safety and security of the american people. the presence of u.s. forces in south korea a longstanding commitment to the asia-pacific and ensuring the security of the continental united states will remain the priority of this administration. but look, we want to be clear, our hope and frankly our prayer
6:23 am
is that, by marshalling the resources of nations across the asia-pacific, not just south korea and japan, other allies, and china, to bring renewed pressure to bear, will achieve our goal of a nuclear free korean peninsula. but the people in north korea should make no mistake that the united states of america and our allies will see to the security of this region and see to the security of the people of our country. >> reporter: i know we're running late. i have to ask about your dad. i just heard you say that general brooks gave you some information about his service here. he was awarded the bronze star. what did you learn and how does it feel to be here in an area that is still at war effectively? only an armistice, still at war for 67 years. >> it's very meaningful for me
6:24 am
and my family to be here so many years after my father's experience. right there standing 100 feet from north korean soldiers inside the dmz the vice president sounded a little bit more focused on a diplomatic approach and solution to this crisis. few hours later he was standing next to the acting south korean president, and sounded far morrow bust in terms of a potential military solution. he said explicitly that the north koreans should remember that this president in the early days of his administration used military action against syria, against afghanistan and they should keep that in mind the president's "resolve" in focu focusing how much the president and this administration, really the world wants north korea to finally step down with regard to its nuclear process. john? >> dana bash, amazing pictures at the dmz, fascinating interview, thanks so much. with me nicholas burns,
6:25 am
former undersec stare of state and u.s. ambassador to nato and retired colonel frank prfrancon. the era of strategic patience is over, what does that mean, what is strategic impatience? >> well i think the administration is clearly signaling frustration that the diplomatic processes of the past, including of the obama and bush administrations have not succeeded, and they're right to be concerned about what north korea's doing and this possibility in the next four or five years north korea might be able to have a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the west coast of the united states. however, if you listen carefully to the vice president's words, including to the words of gen mal eral mcmaster yesterday on the sunday programs, he is not signaling a preemptive strike on north korea. they're repeating past administrations that the u.s. would defend south korea and
6:26 am
japan and american forces from any another korean attack but the vice president said they're looking for stronger diplomatic and economic pressure on north korea. this is a signal to china that china needs to do more. i think the real intended message here is for beijing. >> let's play some of those words you were just talking about right there. dana was talking about the end, they seem to be at odds and externally. let's listen to the vice president give what appears to be a warning to north korea. let's listen to that. >> just in the past two weeks the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in syria and afghanistan. north korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the united states in this region. >> we just shot missiles in syria, dropped bombs in afghanistan, a clear message there but, colonel, the national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster had this to say.
6:27 am
>> so it's time for us to undertake all actions we can short of a military option to try to resolve this peacefully. >> so he seemed to contradict colonel who the vice president had said. yes, there were missile strikes in syria and afghanistan but the national security adviser says we want to stop short of a military response. >> yes, i think that's a wise thing. if you look totally different situations even i think the vice president may have gotten ahead of himself and general mcmaster may be pulling that back. what happened in syria and afghanistan those are ongoing conflict. in afghanistan american forces already engaged. what you were talking about in korea is starting another military confrontation that we don't need. so i think that we're looking for that diplomatic and economic solution, although you have to say that hasn't worked so far, but really, no one wants to get into a shooting war over this
6:28 am
issue. >> no, it doesn't appear you can accomplish a surgical strike in north korea. ambassador burns, you brought up the idea of pressuring china. listen to what the president has been writing about this. he's talking about tying trade negotiations with china, with the north korea issue. says why would i call china a currency manipulator when they're working with us on the north korean problem? we will see what happens. have you seen signs ambassador that this pressure that the administration is trying to put on china, so china pressures north korea, any signs that's working? >> no. i think we've got seen signs that it's working. the chinese are frustrated with north korea. they don't like kim jong-un. they don't treat him the way they did other heads of government, but they are not willing, in my judgment, to impose draconian sanctions like say cutting off all coal purchases from north korea, cutting off food shipments to north korea, because they fear one thing more than the status
6:29 am
quo. the chinese fear the dissolution of north korea, refugees into china, and the united korean peninsula aligned with the united states. so president bush found out, president obama found out and i'm afraid that president trump is going to find out that the chinese are sympathetic but they're not willing to go the extra mile to help the united states, in fact the chinese foreign ministry spokesperson today counseled mutual restraint on the united states and north korea. they did not come down solely on north korea and i think president trump's twitter diplomacy ought to be rethought. it's very simplistic. it risks sending the wrong message to north korea. quiet diplomacy and military strength are the order of the day here i think. >> ambassador nicholas burns, lieutenant general francona, appreciate it, gentlemen. new jobs can be challenging. how about when your new co-workers are ruth bader ginsburg and clarence thomas? neil gorsuch takes his seat on the court in just a few minutes. stick around.
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it is an historic day on the supreme court. in a few minutes neil gorsuch will take his seat on the court for the first time. joining me live cnn supreme court reporter arianne devogue. >> neil gorsuch will take the bench for the first time and this is a big week for the court. they're about to issue an orders list, that has to do with cases they may or may not take next term. there's a religious liberty case and also the potential of them taking a challenge to north carolina voter i.d. law. they'll sit for arguments today, tomorrow and wednesday and wednesday is another religious liberty case. it concerns a church run preschool program denied state grant to improve its play
6:35 am
ground. it's a big religious liberty dispute and conservatives will be watching gorsuch. they think he'll rule in their favor on these religious liberty cases but of course you're never sure. now he's a justice and we'll find out. john, the most important thing is after over a year, this court is now back to full strength. it's got now nine justices, and john that means a lot to them. >> nine justices as intended. ariane de vogue, thank you for being with us. joining us jeffrey toobin wrote the oath about how president obama's relationship with the supreme court. all right, the junior justice, which is neil gorsuch, that's a real thing, the junior justice has real ceremonial responsibility. >> i would describe them as modest. the most important thing is he has a vote on the supreme court, that's a good thing to have.
6:36 am
>> beside the vote. >> in the super secret conference room of the justices, sometimes someone knocks at the door to deliver coffee or someone's eye glasses and it's always the junior justice's responsibility to go get, to open the door, no other justice has to arouse themselves. the other responsibility the junior justice has, the supreme court has a lot of committees. they have a committee on the building. they have committee on procedure, they committee on commuters. they also have a committee on the supreme court cafeteria, which is considered the least desirable committee to be on because after wall, who cares? the junior justice always has to serve on the cafeteria committee, so elena kagan is now free of those responsibilities. >> hazing inside the supreme court. in addition to having cafeteria responsibilities he gets a vote. big cases coming up as soon as this week on religious liberty and this is where justice
6:37 am
gorsuch may make a real difference immediately. >> this is a particular interest on the appeals court. do religious people get to excuse themselves from responsibilities that the law establishes for others. in addition, are religious institutions allowed to get government benefits? that's what the case on wednesday is about. it's actually about a very small issue about who gets to, you know, whether a parking lot but the question about whether a religious school can receive government funding for its operations is potentially a very big deal especially in the trump administration, where betsy devos, the new education secretary, wants to shift resources into parochial schools. so cafeteria is not the biggest deal. >> justice gorsuch known as a great require and known as something of a talker as we all saw during the conffirmation hearings as well he replaces
6:38 am
antonin scalia. what kind of a difference to the overall tone inside the court during hearings in the back room can that make? >> byron white served on the court for more than 30 years and he had a saying that all the justices liked to quote, which is when you change one justice, you don't just change one justice. you change the whole court. the dynamics of only nine people are effected by one new person. i anticipate he'll be an active presence, all the justices except for clarence thomas are big questioners. i anticipate gorsuch will ask questions too. ruth bader ginsburg asks the first question in a lot of supreme court arguments and i anticipate that the junior justice will wait his turn. >> probably a good idea. >> that's customary to wait in seniority order. i don't expect a clarence thomas like silence from gorsuch at all. i would be willing to bet three arguments today. he'll at least ask some
6:39 am
questions on his first day. >> fascinating historic day. thanks for sharing. appreciate it. >> what do alyssa mal milano, samuel l. jackson and newt gingrich have in common? they're connected to the most closely watched election in the country, the georgia race that could tell you everything about the health of the presidency. and bracing for bunnies. live pictures from the south lawn of the white house, the new first family's first white house easter egg roll, no shaq, no beyonce but we are promised surprises. the president and first lady speak live, coming up.
6:40 am
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every political eye in america focused on georgia this morning, in less than 24 hours there's a special election to fill a vacant house seat that has been in republican hands since the '70s. democrats are pinning their hopes on a 0-year-old political neophyte, a bunch of celebrities in what they hope is a wave of anti-trump sentiment. >> hi, i'm samuel l. jackson,
6:44 am
there's a special congressional election on april 18th, what can you do? go vote. your vote goes a long way towards setting things right in this country. vote for the democratic party. stop donald trump. >> so if the democrat john ossoff can win more than 50% of the vote tomorrow he takes a seat, otherwise he tfaces a runoff with a republican in june. we're joined by assistant editor for "the washington post" and cnn political analyst alex burns, national political report he were for the "new york times." alex, special elections mean everything unless they don't. let's take the over here, talk about why this special election is so important. >> look i think in the big picture this is a check in most of all on just the enthusiasm and the mood of the two party bases. this is a seat that a conventional republican and conventional year ought to win easily and a democrat like john ossoff shouldn't be remotely
6:45 am
close. the reason why it's close, the republicans acknowledge they're concerned about the race is it's entirely about just sort of the native organic energy on the two sides. the democrats left to their own devices are voting and republicans left to their own devices are not voting quite as much. >> so far in the early vote you're talking democrats also left to their own devices are sending tons and tons of cash to this election right now. john ossoff, 30 years old, raised more than 8 million headed into the special primary. a.b. let me read you a tweet we got in minutes ago from the president of the united states. the super liberal dm in the georgia race wants to protect criminals, allow illegal immigration and raise taxes. you see the president donald trump who isn't necessarily that ideological, one way or the other, trying to make this an ideological race, sending a message to republicans, go out and vote tomorrow to make sure that this democrat doesn't get to 50. >> right. hard for ossoff to get to 50 but
6:46 am
there is fooer in the republican ranks. you know president trump was helping along with several party big wigs like senator ted cruz, helping ron estes take the pompeo seat in kansas in a special election last week. he won by seven points but should have had it by dozens and dozens, and they really did a good effort as sort of scaring the republicans and the state admitted in kansas they kind of scared republicans into showing up because it's a numbers game and if you have motivated democrats, that's the kind of thing that can take the special elections. ossoff is hoping, counting on an energized anti-trump sentiment in his party but with 95% of those donations coming from out of state, he's got to get people in that district motivated to turn out and again over 50%. if he doesn't get to 50, and he has to face a runoff, i think the republicans will, with the help of donald trump, really mobilize and motivate and push a
6:47 am
republican over the top in the runoff in june. >> that's right, alyssa milano, samuel l. jackson don't get to vote. david, democrats you know, they think they got close in kansas, but there's no participation in politics right now. they have to win some of the races. can they do it? >> john that's right. close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. democrats have to win some seats and they have to win them one at a time, whether you're talking about kansas, whether you came close and didn't get it, georgia, where i agree with a.b. that if ossoff wins tomorrow, then obvious he will that's great for democrats. if he only gets to a runoff i think that's much steeper climb once republicans can coalesce around one or two republican candidates. this is the challenge for democrats, there's not going to be any silver bullet. there's not going to be some sea change all of a sudden in public opinion about president trump.
6:48 am
he has bled support but it is not just flipped overnight in the last couple of months. democrats have to just go out there and win races. there's no other magical formula to it. >> alex, last week you had an article a deep dive in some of these, republican but maybe shifting democratic districts, suburban districts where you had some voters who did turn out for donald trump who now you found might be havings reservations. >> i was in new jersey, one of my colleagues in virginia and minnesota and we heard not a lot of trump voters saying i'm going to vote democrat. lot of folks saying i'm not sure what the point of voting was. we didn't get obamacare changed. we haven't seen any big wins on the board. this is what scares republicans more than anything else right now. while a.b. and david are right, the democrats at some point actually do need to win elections, it does change the mood in washington and the mood of the republican congress, if they keep seeing these seats that are typically 10, 20, 30
6:49 am
points republican, ending up as 2, 3, 7 points republican because there are a lot of republican members of congress who typically win by three or five points and if their center right voters in the suburbs who they always count on to turn out are thinking of staying home they may be endangered even if tom price's seat ends up in republican hands. >> you mentioned what republicans might do if there is a runoff. republicans said it's possible president trump will campaign in georgia, which is interesting on many levels, not the least of which is that mar-a-lago is not in georgia. so he doesn't go many places in this country. we have a chart here, alex's paper the "new york times" did an interesting study. president trump has gone to seven states, visited no foreign countries. at this stage, president obama nine, international stays three. at this point president bush 23 states and one trip to canada. why do you think the president
6:50 am
has done more travel up until now? >> we know from his campaign in 2016 he's a home body. he doesn't like to spend the night in strange places. he went one or two nights, i can't remember the exact estimate in hotels, and and he talked fondly how nice and clean they were, but basically, he would fly to a rally and fly home, eve if he got home at 2:00 in the morning. and it is true, he doesn't like to travel to places that aren't his residences. mar-a-lago is one, the white house now is one, and of course, trump tower in new york city. so, he's not comfortable particularly with overseas travel. and i think just combined with the fact that if we're talking about sort of the political use of the president before the midterms, you know, his threat to members of the freedom caucus who helped bring down the obamacare replacement bill that he would, you know, that perhaps he would primary them and people around him making those threats really fell short because they don't really believe that he would actually come after them in primary campaigns before the
6:51 am
midterms next year. not only that he doesn't like to travel, but that it would just be really unprecedented for a president to come after members of his own party. so the question of how much he can really help them, particularly if members of congress working with the trump white house do not fulfill these promises -- they don't get taxes cut, they don't get obamacare repealed and replaced -- this is going to be a huge problem for them going into 2018 because the energy against trump, particularly in these swing districts where somebody won by four points, is so strong. >> david, quickly, this president has shown that he doesn't necessarily need to go somewhere, though, to get covered in a big way. he can have a lot of influence just by, you know, playing with his cell phone. >> right. he has effectively used twitter to get a message out that goes above the heads of us in the media sometimes, and i think he'll continue to do that, although i think after the whole tweet storm back in march about president obama "wiretapping" him, that diminished some of the power of his ability to tweet, and i agree with a.b. that part
6:52 am
of the reason that he doesn't go out is because he doesn't like to travel. i also think part of the reason he doesn't go out is because it's harder to sell what he's selling right now. when you can go out on the trail, john, and say something like, you know, look, china's a currency manipulator, that's a good talking point. when you have to go out on the trail and say, i met with china and we're still talking, doesn't make as compelling of a speech. i think that's what he's up against. >> doesn't necessarily have anything to sell. david swerdlick, a.b. stoddard, alex burns, thank you so much. it could be the egg heard around the world, or eggs, i suppose, the white house easter egg roll. live pictures. this is the first one for the trump family. they got a late start in planning, so can they pull this off? we're live.
6:53 am
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all right, let's roll! you're looking at live pictures from the south lawn of the white house. this is the trump administration's first easter egg roll. it is under way, been so for several hours. a giant annual social event in washington every year, but this year things could be a little less giant. 21,000 are expected to attend, compared to 37,000 last year. now, we could hear from president trump very, very shortly. cnn's kate bennett live for us from the south lawn in the midst of it all. kate, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, it is true, the crowds are a little more sparse this year. there's definitely fewer waits in some of the lines, but the kids are having a good time. we're right next to one of the easter egg roll stations. and we can take a look here, and you can see the lines are moving pretty swiftly, people are coming through. there's not a big wait.
6:58 am
you know, there are other activities that are drawing more crowds, costume characters, there are team players from d.c. united over there. there's a cookie decorating station and an egg dying station. there's lots of activity, but it doesn't feel that packed-in feeling of definitely there's room to move around. let's just put it that way. and the president and the first lady should be out shortly, as you mentioned. we'll likely hear from the president. i would imagine he might take part in at least one or two of the activities, perhaps writing letters to the troops. there's a station set up over there where people can write letters to our troops. he might make an appearance, we're hearing, over there later on. >> so, there was a big question about whether or not there would be enough eggs and they would get there in time. i mean, the trump family got a late start on this. as you can imagine, they had a lot going on coming into the presidency after january 20th. but the company that made the eggs was concerned that they didn't get the order early, in time. are all the eggs there, kate? >> reporter: i cannot confirm that i have seen any of the actual wooden commemorative eggs
6:59 am
that wells woodturning, that company in maine, was tweeting about. however, there are plenty of dyed eggs. i will say this, the first lady's office is, because she's not here full time, there was staffing hiccups in the beginning. however, i've been told that goodie bags were stuffed here on saturday by 100 volunteers, that they'll be ready to go. and each child is supposed to receive a commemorative egg as well as some other goodies and arts and crafts in those goodie bags. so, we're hoping they'll be here, but i have yet to lay eyes on one of the special, signed commemorative eggs this year. >> all right, kate bennett on the south lawn of the white house. we're going to keep our eye on there because we are expecting to hear from both the president and the first lady very shortly and honor washington tradition, so stick around for that. so stick around for that. our next hour starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning, everyone. john berman here. we do have live pictures from the white house, where president trump is expected to speak just minutes from now. live pictures of the easter egg
7:00 am
roll, his first as president. inside the white house, serious business. a face-off with north korea. in an exclusive interview with cnn, the vice president, mike pence, he issued a new warning. he was speaking inside the demilitarized zone separating north and south korea, standing just a few feet from north korean soldiers at the time, just a few hours after the north korean regime's failed missile launch. he warned that this white house may not show the restraint of past administrations. >> we're going to abandon the failed policy of strategic patience, but we're going to redouble our efforts to bring diplomatic and economic pressure to bear on north korea. our hope is that we can resolve this issue peacefully. >> our dana bash is traveling with the vice president. she is in seoul in south korea. dana. >> reporter: john, it is always tense when anybody visits the


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